ECM Fixing HTML-anchors in ECM 2.1 rev140214 (update 3)

It’s not uncommon for newsletters to have HTML-anchors.
Imagine some news items which have a short introduction and a HTML-anchor link to the full content.

Are you running ECM 2.1 rev140214? Due to a bug Sitecore does not recognize links starting with href=’#’ as HTML-anchors.
Resulting in wrapping these in a /redirecturlpage.aspx link, which results in recipients opening the website instead of scrolling down.

Simple workaround: enter a space between href¬†and =”#”, this prevents Sitecore recognizing the anchor as a link at all.
The anchor will still work, and it saves you the time to extend/fix/patch the problem yourself.

If you’re using SC:Link or asp:HyperLink controls, you can achieve the same result by something like this:


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